Forewarned is forearmed, as the saying goes. What are the issues that now animate the people who voted for President Trump, what do they think of his performance, and what do they think of the people who oppose him?  Do they have a sense that he will win through to achieve the goals they want him to achieve? What do they think of the current political process at the federal level? Is there some particular expertise that they require from a potential president? Is there some set of experiences they do not want a potential president to have?  What do the answers to these questions imply for the future of the American political system?

In asking these questions we hope to have some idea of what the most volatile, change-seeking segment of our country is thinking and feeling about the presidency and our federal government. We expect that we will prompt some people to give thought for the first time to what comes after Trump – after his success or failure or simply after his term of office. If he is successful, will they want a return to standard politicians, or will they throw away the older notions of a president as someone who came up through the farm teams of politics? If he fails, where will they turn?

We see five likely scenarios for #whatcomesaftertrump and naively hope that these discussions will give us some blinding insights we are too dense to fathom at present.  We don’t expect a “Saul on the road to Damascus” moment and will be content with indigestion on the road to Flint.

In no particular order, our five scenarios are:

  1. Reversion to the Mean – A return to the “normal” state of affairs in which the Democrat and Republican parties reassert themselves with candidates that reflect the traditional party apparatus.
    Hillary 2020
  2. More Cowbell – Populism like Trump, only more so.  Could come from either the left or the alt-right.  Covfefe 2020
  3. Revenge of the Nerds – We are quite certain that the billionaires swirling their snifters at night are pondering the question “If that bozo Trump can do it, why can’t I?” The Zuckerbergs, Cubans, and Bloombergs of the world might decide they need to bestow our nation with their greatness.MC 2020
  4. Red October – The economic issues underlying the tensions between the elites vs. the rubes and the 1% vs. the 99% reach critical mass and our country takes a decidedly leftist turn.
    Bernie 2020
  5. The Kardashian Candidate – Our societal fascination with celebrity reaches its logical conclusion as someone like The Rock or Oprah achieves the Presidency. Kanye 2020 anyone?
    Kanye 2020

So why do this, you ask?  We want to take a stab at understanding what’s next while witnessing the beauty of our country from the open road. Plus, there is a total solar eclipse across the middle of the country on August 21st that will be really cool to witness.


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