With regard to our own political biases and the 2016 election, we voted for different candidates.  Both of us regret our choices.  It was that kind of an election.  Neither of us would be caught dead as a member of either the Democrat or Republican parties but we do rabidly follow current events and the political process.

One of us is a teacher.  One of us is in business.  Both of us were undergraduates in science and engineering.  We are both in our 50’s with enough mileage off the tread to regret some choices and cherish others.  All in all, our nation has treated us well (please keep your privilege comments to yourself) and we deeply appreciate the benefits of our constitutional Republic, warts and all.

We both reside in blue state coastal elite societies but our genetic roots are in red state fly-over country. To illustrate this cultural bipolarism, we will run a modest experiment in each state as we journey forth.  One of us will dress in our finest native Carhartts, go into a bar, and order a Bud.  The other will don sporting whites, grab their squash racket, and order a cosmopolitan in that same bar.  We’ll see which one gets beat up first.

Our names should not be important and we won’t highlight them, but we imagine any person could figure them out within an hour of using that Googly thingy.  We don’t have any partisan or political axe to grind.  We just want to understand our nation better for the sake of our children and possible future grandchildren.  We’ve walked through the Hermitage and Versailles and read about the histories of societies that drown in blood when they don’t attend to the health of the society as a whole.

Sometimes, those outside the country have the most perceptive view of what is happening. As John Ibbitson wrote in an op-ed piece in Toronto’s Globe and Mail before the election:

Let’s bring some small measure of consensus back to political culture. Let’s bring humility back. Let’s go back to asking: Will it play in Peoria? And if it won’t, then let’s think about that before we push ahead. Because you really, really don’t want to see what comes after Donald Trump.


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