Random Observations from 2900 Miles, Six Days, and Ten States

  • A restaurant advertising Pizza and Sushi as if they go together
  • The “Who Cares” bar next to the “Friendship Café”
  • That look and knowing nod from the one black guy we saw in Pottsville, PA as he looked at two white dudes blasting Parliament’s “We Want the Funk” from their convertible
  • Hometown Hero banners of veterans in small towns in Pennsylvania
  • The sassy waitress in Roscommon, MI
  • Meth teeth in Pennsylvania
  • Jim Thorpe was a stud, winning BOTH the pentathlon and Decathlon in 1912
  • Cowboys in a Wisconsin bar
  • Brag sign for Class D high school team as State runner up for sportsmanship
  • The Alpine motif in Gaylord was a bit of a reach
  • Flags everywhere in all ten states
  • DOI and Constitution on the wall of a Michigan diner
  • Kevlar fence around a Michigan hunting club preventing motorists from becoming the next trophy
  • The regrettably named Ho-Chunk Casino in Wisconsin
  • Pest removal business advertising it’s “Special of the Week – Fleas”
  • Your friend of 38 years choking-up with emotion as he read a draft of his essay on his first experience at Gettysburg
  • Total Solar Eclipses are cool.  See you in Chile in 2021
  • Waffle House is the Breakfast of Champions
  • Taylor Swift Education Center in Nashville. Yeah, right
  • Johnny Cash applied to work at the NSA
  • Kentucky public schools look like prisons
  • People were incredibly polite and friendly everywhere we went
  • Woodford Reserve gives good tour
  • Kentucky and Tennessee drivers believe the Interstate is NASCAR
  • In memoriam for that valiant turtle that didn’t quite make it across the highway in West Virginia.  Our thoughts and prayers go to your family. Our bad.





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